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Ramblings - Female Skaters

Pro-skating is not unlike other sports, it is mainly dominated by males. Female skaters are out there but they are largely under-represented. Names such as Ayumi Kawasaki, Fabiola da Silva, Jenny Curry and so on are not known commonly enough. The onus is on the media to set it right. Television programs tends not to show female competitions and most of the female representation in magazine publications usually consists of semi-naked female models (wearing skates) in advertisements. It's just not good enough. The talent is definitely out there. Skaters such as Sayaka Yabe can still pull off kick ass moves but hardly anybody knows because they aren't shown in magazines. Photographers must aim to show the female community of skaters doing what they do best. Furthermore, the culture of skating is a boy's sport has got to change. Only this way will the sport be more balanced and thus inspiring more girls to skate.